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Get $250 Off (minimum 2 cycles must be purchased) Of Coolsculpting

We don’t just want to be any other weight loss clinic in Calgary, we want to be the best! Glenmore Healthcare thrives on battling the war on obesity. The stress of everyday life, family and work obligations, the food giants’ focus on profits over nutritional value, the many side affects of prescribed drugs, and lack of time for our commitment to exercise have all caused many of us to succumb to extra pounds.

Unfortunately, those extra pounds are often found around our abdomens, which is the most dangerous fat of all. Our focus is to eliminate that belly fat, and get our bodies back to where they were.

We, at Glenmore Healthcare, love to experiment with the latest fat burning technologies to see what works, and what doesn’t. We separate fact from fiction about which diets work, and which ones do not!

When you come to Glenmore Healthcare, you are going to be embraced by a medically supervised team of professionals who want to make a difference. Our purpose is to get you to your goal weight and the body shape you desire by using the latest advances of science and medicine to get you where you want to be. Whether you want to freeze your fat dead with CoolSculpting, tone your thighs with Vanquish, tighten your skin with Exilis, remove facial wrinkles with Botox, or lose 30lbs with our Clean Start medically-supervised weight loss program, you can rest assured, we have your best interests and safety in mind!


Welcome to Glenmore Healthcare!