Get Back on Track!

Now that the kids are back in school, its time to get rid of those extra summer pounds!  It started with the Stampede and ended with BBQ’s and summer drinks. It’s critical that you get back to your pre-summer weight as quickly as possible, otherwise your body will think this is your new “normal” weight!

Glenmore Healthcare is here to help Calgarians lose that summer weight quickly with Calgary’s first and most successful, physician supervised hormone weight loss program. Join over 40,000 people who have successfully and safely lost weight with our new Clean Start Hormone Weight Loss program, now available exclusively in Calgary at Glenmore Healthcare. This is the only program that allows you to quickly drop both pounds and inches; targeting fat, not muscle! More muscle equals an increase in your metabolism.

What Patients are saying:

“The results I have seen are amazing. The first 43 day session I lost a total of 49 pounds went on a vacation to Hawaii for two weeks and with maintenance I was able to not gain a pound. Because of the wonderful success of the program I enrolled for a second session and I was able to lose 36 more pounds for a total of 85 pounds.” Wally, lost 85lbs 2 years ago!

Calgary Weight Loss with Hormone – What Can You Expect

Some things that you should expect during your program:

  • An average weight loss from ½ lb to 1 lb per day
  • Fat loss, not muscle loss like other rapid weight loss programs
  • Resetting of your appetite, start eating less immediately
  • Increased Metabolism
  • A new body “normal” weight, making weight regain more difficult

Calgary_hcg_diet_weight_lossThe Glenmore Healthcare Clean Start Hormone Weight Loss Program includes:

  • A detailed medical history assessment, ensuring your safety.
  • Lab testing to record your starting baseline measurements, and ensure your success.
  • The exclusive IAPAM Clean Start Patient package that gives you the program details and specific protocols. This will include a program DVD, Food Journal, Quick Tips, nutritional information, and an hormone cookbook with over 50 recipes!
  • Weekly private consultations with our experienced staff.
  • “Fat Burning” lipotropic injections to promote the breakdown of fat.
  • Accurate measurement of your new daily caloric intake required to maintain your loss.

Professional, Medical Environment

Your safety is our primary concern. Our staff of medical professionals, including physicians, will help ensure your rapid weight loss will be done in a safe manner. We require a complete medical history and current lab testing prior to going on the hormone weight loss program.

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