What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive, medical aesthetic procedure that utilizes a manual method of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz). It may instantly help to brighten a dull complexion, improve skin texture and tone to help your skin look glowing.

Dermaplaning can be used on its own or in combination with other treatments such as facials, peels, and skin-tightening procedures.

Here at Glenmore Healthcare, our Dermaplaning treatments are performed by trained and educated Nurses.

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What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?

  • Removal of vellus hair. This hair often causes a buildup of dirt and oil in our follicles. By removing the “peach fuzz”, there is a reduction of dirt and oil build-up.
  • Removing the dull skin cells allows our skincare products to penetrate more effectively into deeper layers of the skin. This allows our products to work their magic.
  • Dermaplaning triggers a higher rate of cellular turnover and an increase in the production of collagen. Collagen production plays a large role in the aging process. Treatments that increase collagen production are highly beneficial for overall antiaging and skin rejuvenation.
  • Hyperkeratosis reduction. Hyperkeratosis is a buildup of the outermost layer of your epidermis. That buildup causes dull complexions, improper product penetration and acne. Dermaplaning reduces the thickness of the outer layer of the skin to correct those skin conditions while increasing the thickness of the remaining epidermis and dermis.
  • Hyperpigmentation. Dermaplaning is beneficial for hyperpigmentation due to its ability to increase penetration of products that inhibit the production of melanin such as hydroquinone, lactic acid and retinols.  
  • Acne simplex reduction. Non-pustular and non-inflamed acne respond very well to this treatment. Also, acne scarring will begin to fade over a course of Dermaplaning treatments