As I write this, I’m trying to plan my menu for a weekend camping trip in the Bow Valley. As a kid it was normal, if not mandatory, to eat junk food while spending time in the woods. But now that I’m older all those unhealthy foods don’t burn off the way they used to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for roasted weenies and campfire kettle corn, I just have to be more creative in the way I prepare these things.

I’ve become a pro at taking old time favorites and re-inventing them to be healthier, and the same applies to campfire foods. It’s taken a lot of internet research, and it doesn’t hurt that I work for a highly respected weight loss clinic in Calgary, AB; Glenmore Healthcare. Our main weight loss program is based on a pharmaceutical hormone. However we also run a monthly weight maintenance program. This is why I know so many healthy recipes; part of my job is to research everything health related and pass that info to our patients.

So my #1 camping makeover? Instead of munching on greasy chips, stick to veggies and a low calorie dip. This one tip alone can save you over 1000 calories during your camping trip. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try these banana boats. Take a small banana; slice it lengthwise from top to bottom. Stick a few mini marshmallows and chocolate chips in the slice, then wrap the banana in tin foil and throw in the fire. After 5-10 minutes, take it out, let it cool and eat it up! It’s a guilt free treat, as long as you stick to one. Moderation is the key with everything; enjoy what you like in small doses.  And if you think a monthly weight maintenance program will help you stay on track, call me at 403-452-5699. I’m at Glenmore Healthcare, in Glenmore Landing. Enjoy your summer!