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Consumers Guide to CoolSculpting® Calgary



Lately it seems that television, print media and the internet seem to abound with ads such as: “lose fat without surgery,” “freeze your fat today,” and “now you can lose fat without dieting!” The common source of all these claims is typically body contouring or fat reduction procedures. In Calgary, one of the most talked about procedures is CoolSculpting®. Chances are if you watch any medical television shows or pay attention to commercials, you will have heard about CoolSculpting®. Since Glenmore Healthcare was the first Certified CoolSculping® practice in Calgary, we wanted to share our expertise with all Calgarians! On this page, we will educate you on what you need to know about the science behind the CoolSculpting® procedure. As well, we will give you some tips on choosing the right clinic if you decide to have this procedure done.


Introduction – The Making of CoolSculpting® and the fat freezing system


CoolSculpting® is a fat freezing system that specifically deals with the reduction of stubborn fat from the body. This type of fat is difficult to remove through body exercises and dieting. CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical fat elimination procedure that does not leave scars. This procedure uses a scientific process known as Cryolipolysis that freezes fat cells to death without causing injury to the skin or surrounding tissue. CoolSculpting® works with the body’s metabolic processes where the immune system gathers all the dead fat cells and eliminates them naturally from the body.





What is the CoolSculpting® Procedure?


The CoolSculpting® procedure is used for the treatment of fat bulges that are visible in areas like the abdomen, flanks, back (bra fat), thighs and arms. It is the leading non-invasive procedure for fat reduction. The CoolSculpting® procedure makes use of controlled cooling to specifically deal with resistant fat. After a CoolSculpting® procedure, fat cells usually die off gradually before they are finally disposed of by the body’s immune system. The body will naturally metabolize the frozen fat cells and then eliminate them from the body as dead cells.


How long is a procedure?


The length of CoolSculpting® treatments will vary depending on the number of areas being treated during one visit. CoolSculpting®’s latest technology can treat a patient in 35-60 minutes, some patients have more than one treatment during the same office visit. The patient and CoolSculpting® nurse specialist may also schedule additional treatments or office visits in order to meet your goals.


What is the average cost of CoolSculpting®?


The cost for a CoolSculpting® procedure varies depending on several factors. Some of these factors include the number of treatments required, areas of concern, and the patient’s ultimate goals. The average cost for such treatment ranges between $650-$4,000 depending on the number of areas to be treated. The CoolSculpting® nurse specialist creates a customized treatment plan that is specifically tailored to the patient’s body, budget, and goals.


Is CoolSculpting® safe? Is it painful?


To have a general idea of whether the CoolSculpting® procedure is painful or not, it is important to first know how the procedure is carried out. During the procedure, patients lay down and a CoolSculpting® applicator is placed on the targeted area where the fatty tissue and skin are sucked into the applicator. After the suction has ensured that the targeted tissue is firmly positioned in the applicator, the CoolSculpting® machine decreases the temperature to a freezing point.


The freezing of the skin is not as intense as most people might think. It feels like putting an ice pack on the targeted area. All in all, the treatment can easily be tolerated. It is rare for patients to complain about feeling pain during the procedure. The most common side effect is redness of the skin after the procedure. This coloration usually disappears after a few days. Patients may also experience bruising in the treatment area. CoolSculpting® is regarded as a safe and pain-free non-invasive procedure for the removal of fat and is a very reliable procedure with long lasting results for the patient.


Are CoolSculpting® results permanent? How long do they last?


Once the treated fat cells are gone, they are gone for good. Please keep in mind, the fat cells that are left have unlimited growth potential, so you still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to sustain the results.


Combining CoolSculpting® with Lipotropic “Fat Burning” Injections


The best combination treatment for CoolSculpting® is to combine it with lipotropic injections. These lipotropic injections help with the breakdown of fat during metabolism in the body. The injections help the liver process fat cells that have already been broken down by the body from the CoolSculpting® treatment. If you want that extra boost in breaking down the fat cells that have already been damaged from the treatment, you will want to insist on having lipotropic injections. Please note, these injections can only be administered by a licensed nurse, please ensure that the CoolSculpting® clinic you choose has nurses performing the procedures so you can take advantage of this combination treatment!


Ultimate CoolSculpting® Combination Treatment


Here at Glenmore Healthcare, we give you the very best results by combining your CoolSculpting® treatments with a vibrational fat blasting treatment AND with a lipotropic injection. By adding the Cellutone® post-CoolSculpting® treatment, you will have an opportunity to kill even more fat cells, than with CoolSculpting® alone. CoolSculpting® clinical trials show a 25% average reduction in fat cells by damaging them during the treatment. Once the treatment is done, if you apply an ultrasonic mechanical vibration treatment to the treated area, you will get an enhanced microcirculation and oxygen supply to the affected area, resulting in increased blood supply and removal of excess interstitial fluid. This helps you see your CoolSculpting® results faster than without. Who doesn’t want to see their results quicker?! As mentioned, the lipotropic injections will help the liver process these new fat cells that are circulating in your blood stream from the CoolSculpting® procedure. 


Conclusion – CoolSculpting® patient experience and achieving desired results


The CoolSculpting® freezing fat system has the ability to reduce resistant fat deposits or layers by about 25%. This is a significant amount of fat reduction considering that it is a non-invasive procedure that is safe and one that has very minimal side effects. Real changes start to be experienced as early as three weeks after the procedure. This is a procedure that does not require any downtime and is suitable for most people as it does not interfere with their busy schedules. Due to the safety aspect associated with CoolSculpting®, many patients are now turning to this relatively new fat reduction procedure with confidence.


You will find a variety of CoolSculpting® clinics in your area, to make sure you get the best clinic, ask these questions:


1. Am I a suitable candidate for the CoolSculpting® procedure?
2. Are CoolSculpting® certified nurses performing the procedures and injections?
3. Do they utilize lipotropic injections to help process the fat from the body after the treatment?
4. How many sessions are required for a full treatment?
5. Is ultrasonic vibration to break down fat cells included with the CoolSculpting® treatment plan?
6. When will I see my final results?
7. Is the clinic a CoolSculpting® Certified clinic?


The information provided is from Glenmore Healthcare, Calgary’s first Certified CoolSculpting® Clinic. We are a physician-owned clinic, with all our procedures and injections performed by trained, certified and licensed nurses. Offering you the safest and most comprehensive CoolSculpting® experience in Calgary. For more information on the CoolSculpting® procedure, lipotropic injections, or Cellutone® please call us at 403-452-5699.