I swore to myself that I was going to stop drinking diet soda. I sat down, made a plan, and decided I would only drink water, and club soda. That was 6 months ago, and I just polished off a diet Pepsi. Making plans is easy; sticking to them is a different story. You get so excited, then your willpower fades and temptation overcomes you. It’s so easy to say “one bite won’t do any damage” but if you say that enough, before you know it you’ve gained 10 pounds and have no idea why.

This is why I love our Calgary Weight Loss Program, it is very restrictive so if you do have something not permitted, it shows up on the scale right away. It’s motivating for people to see fast weight loss, as long as they eat what they are told. Dieters need structure, so following our specific meal plan is a great way to burn that fat!

Whenever you want to commit to something, the best way to stick to it is to give yourself a deadline, and have some form of repercussion if not fulfilled. And whatever it is, promise yourself you won’t do it unless you’ve reached your goal. With dieting, I always recommend keeping a food journal. And write down absolutely everything you eat and drink. That way you know where your calories are coming from and can cut where needed. And never reward yourself with food because when you do, you are unknowingly restricting yourself and that is never a good thing. Remember, everything in moderation! Instead of treating yourself to a big piece of cheesecake or a huge Italian meal, enjoy a small cheesecake bite here and there or eat a lower calorie pasta dish. That way when reward time comes around, you won’t want a calorie filled treat because you have had it throughout the dieting process, in small amounts.

Being part of a weight maintenance support group is also a great tool, so call us if you want more information. We will help you lose the weight, and keep it off! Glenmore Healthcare in Glenmore Landing, 403-452-5699.