Weight Loss Diet

At Glenmore Healthcare, we know results are what matter. And we know the best way for you to achieve your weight loss goals, is through a structured, effective, well-planned system. By following the Glenmore Healthcare Clean Start Weight Loss® Program, we know you can achieve rapid and long-lasting weight loss faster than you ever thought possible.


Phases of Clean Start Diet Plan

The diet plan started with Dr. A.T.W Simeons in the 1950s. Dr. Simeons broke down the plan into phases, which has now become a world famous strategy for weight loss results.

Each phase entails a different set of steps, that when coupled with our protocol, results in incredible weight loss results.


Phase 1

Phase 1 involves high caloric and high fat intake for 2-3 days while taking a hormone. This is the beginning of all regimens. This is absolutely critical to success, as the body will attempt to deposit new fat cells and lipids, but the hormone will begin to stop it from doing so. Rather than storing new fat, the body will loosen and mobilize fat and lipids. Once you start the diet plan itself, these newly mobilized lipids and fats result in extremely rapid weight loss. (10 lbs in 2-3 days being very common).

Phase 2

Phase 2 is often the most challenging for dieters. It requires strict caloric intake, though this is actually quite a bit of physical food if done correctly. Generally speaking, lean protein is fine, fish and chicken in particular. Meals are made up of coffee and tea for breakfast and then two major meals for lunch and dinner. These meals can be rather substantial. The first 5-10 days of Phase 2 are the most powerful.

Phase 3

This is normally everyone’s favorite period of the diet plan. Caloric intake is returned to earlier levels, but the low fat and no milk portions of the diet remain to keep the body free of external unnatural hormones. This phase is initiated after about 43-60 days dependent upon your individual regimen that we create for you. Maintenance is another term often used for Phase 3 and it is probably the most critical phase for people who are interested in losing over 30 lbs.

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